Chetham's International Piano Summer School

All semi-finalists will be given full access to the Chetham's International Summer School and Festival for Pianists. With a faculty of over 60 International pianists and teachers, this provides a unique and inspiring atmosphere for the competition to take place in. Individual lessons, workshops, lectures, recitals and many additional courses can all be observed free of charge to the semi-fnalists. Faculty for 2019 include Paul Badura-Skoda, Peter Donohoe, Piers Lane, Norma Fisher, Peter Frankl, Joseph Banowetz, Leslie Howard, Craig Sheppard, Tamas Ungar, Katya Apekisheva, Eugen Indjic, Philip Fowke and Martin Roscoe - to name but a few!

Founded in 2001, the Chetham’s Piano Summer School is now firmly established as one of the most vibrant,respected, inspirational and universally friendly events of its kind in the world. Participants enrol from all five continents and are inspired, guided and educated by an extraordinary faculty of over 60 internationally celebrated performer-teachers. With seven recital halls, 100 practice rooms, on-site accommodation and meals, Chetham’s Piano Summer School has proved time and time again to be an outstanding course, a universal haven for everyone who loves piano.
We are frequently questioned about eligibility and standards for enrolment. The truth is that the summer school is spiritually and materialistically large enough to include literally everyone who loves piano!

Here are group listings of some – but not all – of the participants who have enjoyed Chetham’s Summer School in recent years:

•  Young concert artists preparing to enter top international competitions such as the Leeds (18–35)
•  Adult amateurs of all levels, including those returning to the instrument after decades of neglect as well as those
   who play to professional standard (30–85)
•  Teenagers who enjoy piano but do not intend to pursue music as a professional career
•  Talented children from age 8 - 12
•  Beginners of any age who may come for just a few hours or more
•  Students from specialist schools, junior and senior conservatoires and conservatoire students
•  Observers, including parents, music teachers and music lovers of all ages
•  School pupils who wish to audition for specialist music school or apply for entry in the future to conservatoires
    and university.

In 2017 the course was further enhanced with the outstanding new Stoller Concert Hall - offering a world class performance space for the evening recitals.

Accommodation will be given along with food to all semi-finalists. If family members also require accommodation it may be possible to offer this, subject to availability. If there are no rooms available then hotels close to the school can be recommended.
NB Additional family members will be charged observer prices for attending the competition and summer school. Please email the administrator for further details.